Life in Taipei: hiking updates

I recently came back to Taipei and have been getting some hiking in before the insane heat & humidity properly kicks in (already starting to do so).

Main focus has been to redo a bunch of hikes I did last time I was living here, when I didn’t have a camera and was using a beatup old iPhone 3 for most of my pics – the photography on those old hike reports was pretty crappy, so I’ve been doing them again with an actual camera. Still not a great camera, and still not a great photographer, but anyway a definite improvement on the following pages:

Neihu District: Bailusishan & Kangleshan

View of Elephant Mountain & Taipei 101 from Kangleshan

Battleship Rock

Views from Battleship Rock
Battleship Rock

Lion’s Head Mountain

View of Taipei 101 from the top of Lion's Head Mountain
Lion’s Head Mountain

Elephant Mountain

Taipei 101 & Nanshan Plaza seen from the Xiangshan hiking trail
Elephant Mountain

Neihu Ridge & Bishan Temple

Liyushan hiking trail

…plus a new page for Jinmian Rocks:

View over Taipei from Jinmian Rocks

A few of us also went and hiked from Jiufen to Houtong, but the photos on that page were already ok as I’d used my iPad last time.

In the next few weeks I’m planning to hike to Yinhe Cave Temple again by a new route, Teapot Mountain out near Jiufen, and finally climb Yangmingshan (highest in Taipei) which I’ve somehow never got round to yet. Update: done! Teapot Mountain here, Yangmingshan here

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