Taipei hiking: a dozen views of Taipei 101


Apropos of nothing much, here’s a bunch of views of Taipei 101 all taken during hikes I’ve done in the 3 months since coming back to Taiwan. The weather’s generally cloudy here in spring so most of them weren’t taken on the best of days, but anyway you can see how well Taipei 101 serves as a reference point from the mountains all around the city.

This one from Kangleshan in Neihu, with Elephant Mountain prominent to the left:

View of Elephant Mountain & Taipei 101 from Kangleshan

From Jinmian Rocks, further along the Neihu ridge:

View over Taipei from Jinmian Rocks

Up close, from Elephant Mountain:

Taipei 101 & Nanshan Plaza seen from the Xiangshan hiking trail

These 3 are all from Neihu, starting with the awesome roof detail of Bishanyan Temple (see the hike description here):

Roof detail, Bishanyan Temple

From in front of Yuanjue Temple:

View of Taipei 101 from Yuanjue Temple

And from the top of the Liyushan trail (which goes up from Dagou Stream Park):

View of Taipei 101 from Liyushan hiking trail

This is from Shitoushan, Lion’s Head Mountain, down in Xindian:

View of Taipei 101 from the top of Lion's Head Mountain

Taipei 101 peeking up over the ridge, just visible from Battleship Rock in Beitou:

Views from Battleship Rock

And these last 3 are from Zhinan Temple in Maokong:

Taipei views from Zhinan Temple
Taipei views from Zhinan Temple
Zhinan Temple trail

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