Czech Republic (Czechia) overland travel guide

The Czech Republic – or, from 2016, simply Czechia (and that is much easier to type!) – is a Central European country that sees a lot of international tourists and overland travellers, largely due to its magnificent medieval towns and relatively low costs.

Travel to, from, and within the Czech Republic overland

Czechia has well-developed road and rail networks, both of which are easy ways to get around the country. An Interrail pass (for Europeans) or a Eurail pass (for non-Europeans) is a good way to travel to the Czech Republic overland as part of a wider European trip – that was how I visited during one university summer break as part of a motley crew of four lads from England, three Irish lasses we’d teamed up with in Rotterdam, and a random (very loud – even when asleep) American guy we couldn’t shake off. We wandered around looking at beautiful buildings and getting drunk on cheap lager and ridiculous absinthe cocktails. Good times!

As a member of the Schengen Area, and being surrounded by fellow Schengen countries, border crossings aren’t something you have to think about much when overlanding through Czechia (although police do sometimes board trains near borders to check IDs).

Things to do in the Czech Republic

Or rather, things to do in Prague, as I haven’t been anywhere else!

Explore the fairytale architecture of the old town, cross over the famous Charles Bridge, and climb up to the castle.

Visit the grisly Medieval Torture Museum.

Drink excellent beer.

Absinthe (proceed with caution!)

Resources and Useful Links for Visiting Czechia

Official website for the Interrail pass

Official website for the Eurail pass

Search for hotel deals in Czechia

World Nomads offer flexible travel insurance you can buy even if already overseas (most travel insurance companies won’t cover you if you’ve already left your country, and this can be a crucial point as I once found out the hard way in Thailand)

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Seat 61 has the details for London to Czechia by train

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