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The Truth about 3.5 Years as a Struggling Digital Nomad

(This is a pretty depressing post to be honest, but if you’re where I was a few years ago, weighing up whether or not to go for it as a digital nomad full time travel blogger, you need to read this because it doesn’t always work out – for every successful blogger telling you to go for it,

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Sliding Doors

So recently I found myself back in a place I never wanted to visit again – heartbreak. Lovesick. Depressed and moping around, kicking myself for not making better decisions.

In any life you’re going to get those ‘sliding doors’ moments; do you go for the job opportunity in another city?

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Mono-no-aware: the transience of things

The great weeping cherry tree in th middle of Maruyama Park

It finally hit me in Maruyama Park, when I saw once again the great weeping cherry tree. The last time I’d seen it, it had been in glorious full bloom, the petals cascading down in an explosion of life greeting the spring; now, on a bitter winter’s afternoon the branches were bare,

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