Hiking in Taipei: Jinmianshan, Neihu

View over Taipei from Jinmian Rocks

This is a neat little hike up the ridge that runs along the northern edge of the Neihu district, taking you up to a cool lookout point at Jiandaoshi (剪刀石, Scissors Rock) with great views over the city. The hiking trail is the Jinmianshan (金面山, Mt Jinmian) trail, and the rocks are usually referred to as Jinmian Rocks (at least in English) rather than their official name.

Taipei 101 view from Jinmian Rocks

You can include Jinmian Rocks as part of a much longer hike along the ridge as described here, starting from Dahu Park and climbing up to Bishanyan Temple then across to Jinmianshan and down to Xihu Station. For something less involved, Jinmian Rocks is a popular quick hike up & down from Xihu Station as described on this page.

Starting from Xihu Station, if you come out of exit 1 you can spot the hiking trail sign.

Xihu Station

Turn tight as indicated and walk past the McDonald’s:

The way to Jinmian hiking trail from Xihu Station

Then turn right up the main road after that:

The way to Jinmian hiking trail from Xihu Station
The way to Jinmian hiking trail from Xihu Station

Walk up to the end and take a right (there’s another small sign pointing the way):

The way to Jinmian hiking trail from Xihu Station

Then walk a few hundred metres and look out for another sign pointing along a side street on the left:

The way to Jinmian hiking trail from Xihu Station

Walk up to the end and you’ll be at the start of the hiking trail:

The way to Jinmian hiking trail from Xihu Station
Start of Jinmian hiking trail

From there things are pretty straightforward, basically just head up following signs for Jiandaoshi or Lunjian Pagoda (a small pagoda at the top of the climb near the rocks):

Jinmian hiking trail
Jinmian hiking trail

The trail mostly consists of fairly steep stone steps, and the views start opening up quite quickly as you climb:

Jinmian hiking trail
Jinmian hiking trail

The last section towards the top gets rocky and uneven underfoot, without steps or a smooth path:

Jinmian hiking trail

…and then you reach Lunjian Pagoda:

Pavilion near Jinmian Rocks

From the pagoda turn right along the ridge to reach the rocks, this way:

Jinmian hiking trail

You’ll also see a left turn off this path, heading down the other side of the ridge:

Jinmian hiking trail

…you can happily ignore this, but this is the trail to Jinlong Agricultural Road and eventually Biyanshan Temple. If you do the longer walk described here, this is the path you’ll come up to reach Jinmian Rocks.

And with that, you’re at Jinmian Rocks and hopefully it’s not too crowded and you can enjoy the views. It does get pretty crowded though:

Views from Jinmian Rocks

Somehow I’ve never managed to be up there on a clear day with a good camera at the same time, these are from a couple of years ago on my beautup old iPhone (in the first one you can see Biyanshan Temple centre-right along the ridge):

Looking back along the ridge towards Bishan Temple from Jinmian Rocks
View of Neihu from Jinmian Rocks
View over Neihu from Jinmian Rocks
Taipei 101 view from Jinmian Rocks

If it’s a clear day and you just want to quickly get up high for the views, Jinmianshan is a good call, likewise if you’re in the Neihu area and looking for a nice hike which you can knock off in an hour or two.

Have you been hiking in Neihu? Any questions or comments? Give me a shout below and I’ll get back to you.

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