A few random Taipei pics

Here are a few random Taipei smartphone pics that I posted on Instagram during my latest stint in Taiwan, thought I should post them here too because screw Instagram (I’m in Japan right now for the Rugby World Cup, see here).

Round the corner from my apartment (certainly plenty of smartphone zombies walking around):

Taipei street scene

There’s a nice little jazz bar near Xinyi Anhe Station called Relax with good music and top notch mojitos (not a drink I tend to order, but in Relax I know I’m getting a good one), and most importantly this magnificent creature presiding over the bar (she was rescued off the street by the bar owner and is an absolute sweetheart):

Relax Jazz Pub, Taipei
Relax Jazz Pub, Taipei

Keeping on the animal theme, this was at the kickass Thai stall in Ningxia Night Market:

Poodle at Ningxia Night Market

This Bowie altar is the backbar at a recently opened bar called FuMu (父母), it’s a cool little spot with solid music & decor, nice staff, and good cocktails. It’s a short walk north of Nanjing Fuxing Station (green & brown lines), round the corner from Brass Monkey.

Bowie altar at FuMu, Taipei

…and keeping on the music theme, here’s a neon Hendrix at Roxy Rocker, the classic option if you want to keep on drinking through the early hours without going to an EDM club.

Hendrix mural at Roxy Rocker, Taipei

Hanging at my mate Dom’s place on a Friday night:

…and the cracking little yakitori (Japanese skewer) joint on a street corner near his apartment:

Street corner yakitori joint in Taipei

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