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Posing with an enormous leaf in Costa Rica

Chasing the Mysterious Cities of Gold in Central America

Hi, my name’s Simon and I’m a snowboarding addict with a penchant for long-haul overland travel. I’ve spent the last decade-plus seeking out the snow across four continents, working variously in bars, ski resorts, and English language schools, stringing ski seasons together with periods of long-distance overland travel in between.

I’ve done seasons in half a dozen countries, and been riding in another half-dozen; click here to read more, including reviews of every hill I’ve ridden. Also check out my dedicated Korea skiing website here. When there isn’t any snow to slide down the mountains on, you’ll find me hiking up them instead; my hiking pages should be of particular use if you’re planning to go hiking in & around Kyoto, Tokyo, Taipei, or Seoul.

Between seasons, I’m either back home working, somewhere else working, or off travelling somewhere. These travel spells usually involve going overland as much as possible, forgoing the ease of a 2-hour flight to instead spend 2 days actually seeing the scenery through a bus window and checking out what the border towns & border crossings are like, or forgoing the torture of a 12-hour flight to instead make the overland journey from Europe to Asia a goal in its own right.

All this has given me plenty of useful information to share with fellow travellers – not to mention more than a few yarns from the more intense & sketchy experiences and epic journeys & misadventures. So I eventually started this travel blog to tell these stories from my past and ongoing travels, while providing as much useful information as I can (for the places I’ve been) on overland travel options, ski resorts, and hiking – especially for the Far East, where I’ve been based for most of this decade and where I’ve slowed down my pace of travel and therefore been able to dig deeper and get below the surface of the fascinating cultures of Korea, Taiwan, and in particular Japan where I spent a few years teaching English.

Tiger the angry camel

Me & Tiger the Angry Camel, Thar Desert, India

This isn’t a blog about me selling my house and quitting my safe office job to travel the world – I’ve never had a safe career desk job to quit! (while I did have a 9-5 office job once, I lasted for three months before getting back behind the bar)

This isn’t a blog about me living a jet-set Instagram lifestyle, posting beach selfies and posing in front of all the world’s most famous landmarks; it’s a blog about me climbing up & sliding down mountains on a tight budget, about me getting my ass kicked on gruelling 2-day bus journeys in Laos and Indonesia, or getting my ass generally kicked for three weeks straight by Vietnam.

It’s not a blog about me staying in swanky Bangkok hotels for free in exchange for telling you how awesome they are; it’s a blog about me going to Bangkok and getting bitten by dogs, almost run over by a drunk prick writing off his sports car right in front of me, getting pickpocketed, and witnessing (and only narrowly avoiding) some nasty beatings – but still loving Bangkok.

It isn’t a blog where I go on press trips for free in exchange for telling you how awesome whichever destination is – you’ll never read “This post was brought to you by…”, “Sponsored by…”, or “Thanks to xyz for looking after me on this trip, bla bla bla” on these pages*; instead, it’s a blog about me satisfying my curiosity about the world and how it all fits together, travelling at my own pace, and learning as much as I can about its history and culture, and then sharing with you whatever useful or interesting info and stories that gives me.

(*I may be willing to sacrifice my integrity on this point if anyone out there wants to send me into space, to the top of Mt Everest, or to the North or South Pole… or maybe I’d settle for being flown around Alaska or Kashmir with my snowboard in a helicopter. If you’re not offering any of those, please don’t bother contacting me about press trips!)

In short, this isn’t an ‘influencer’ blog. There are absolutely no freebies here in exchange for reviews. I’m not out to influence my readers; I’m out to help and (hopefully!) entertain you, perhaps even inspire you.

On this blog you’ll find:

– practical information for long-distance overland travel across four continents, with country-by-country overland travel guides and travelogues of my overland trips
hiking reports and ski resort reviews for the mountains of those four continents
tales of sketchy situations and crazy journeys
– observations and musings on both traditional & popular culture, architecture, language, movies, and music, especially for Japan and Northeast Asia

Every last thing you read in these pages has been paid for out of pocket… a fact which got me deeply mired in some very heavy debt at one point (I’m not fully out of it yet, to be honest) – and man, have I been through some stress as a result. But the hounding by packs of debt collectors was what saw me winding up teaching English in Japan, and ultimately, via a circuitous route, to eventually writing this blog. So, everything for a reason and all that.

Where I’ve Been

Ok, so here’s one of those ‘where I’ve been’ maps, with each country I’ve visited shaded blue:

Country-by-country map of where I've been

But what a pile of bullshit that is! It makes it look like I’ve been to Alaska and Kamchatka, and the remote border in the Altai Mountains between Russia and China, and the high Himalayan border of Tibet and Sikkim, and all sorts of other remote places. But my attempt to visit Tibet ended in red-taped failure, the closest I’ve been to Sikkim is Darjeeling, I’d probably get shot (or at least arrested) trying to cross from Russia to China in the Altai, and I haven’t been anywhere near Alaska or Kamchatka; hell, I haven’t even been to Northern Ireland! (which is all of 100 miles from my birthplace in Scotland)

So here’s where I’ve actually been on my overland journeys so far (not including the many places in Europe I’ve been to on the odd short visit e.g. on family vacations, school trips, snowboarding trips, etc). The colours on the first 3 maps are consistent, showing the ground I covered by year: turquoise 2000, magenta 2003, yellow 2004-5, orange 2006, red 2007-8, green 2012-14, blue 2013-2017. The final map (North America) has its own colour scheme, with the years marked. Click on each map to read more about where I’ve been on that continent:

Map of my overland routes in Europe

Map showing my overland routes in Asia

Map of my routes in Australia & New Zealand

Map of my overland routes in North America

You can read more musings about my preference for overland travel here: why go overland?


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