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Stuck in Siliguri (and Josh the Indian Travel Guru)

Another mosquito drifted slowly past my face, lazy with blood. I couldn’t even be bothered to properly go for her in the heat, just vaguely wafting my hand through the humid air while I focused on the subtitles. We were

Visiting the Taj Mahal as a day trip from Delhi

“It’s almost like a, a, you know, like a diamond in a turd” – Karl Pilkington, An Idiot Abroad “Fuck me… that’s just made my year” – my travel companion Danny, upon first seeing the Taj Mahal The Taj is

Our overland route around India

En route from the UK to Australia (with working holiday visas arranged), my friend Danny and I visited the UAE, India, and Southeast Asia. We spent six weeks in India, and it was intense but memorable stuff. Flying in and out