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Leshan: Big Brawl at the Big Buddha

The Giant Buddha of Leshan in China‘s Sichuan province is one of the largest statues in the world, 71 metres tall, and the largest stone Buddha. It can easily be visited as a day-trip from the nearby city of Chengdu,

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How to Visit the Great Wall of China from Beijing

The Great Wall of China lives up to its name (not to be confused with the Great Firewall of China!), stretching thousands of miles across China from northeast to far west (you can dig up wildly varying statistics, depending how the

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Beijing to Chengdu in the autumn holiday: 27 hours in a tin of sardines!

Obviously, the train was packed. It was the autumn holidays, when the whole of China travels home to see family, and the only tickets available had been for the hard seat carriages – these carriages do have numbered individual seats

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A useful backdoor route from Chengdu to Yunnan (Panzhihua to Lijiang bus)

If you’re in China and planning to go from Chengdu to Yunnan overland (but don’t plan on doing the awesome-looking but quite involved backdoor route through the Tibetan Kham region), there’s a handy little shortcut you can take off the main

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Down the Yangtze by hydrofoil through the Three Gorges

“The man made scenery of the Yangtze is spectacularly grim.” – Michael Palin, Full Circle, 1997 “Marco Polo must’ve been pissed off by this point. It’s ‘orrible; it’s horrible. It’s a place to visit in a submarine this, this river.

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Hotpot Carnage in Chongqing

We got off the bus at some shithole bus station in a grim city that felt about two decades behind Beijing, under a smothering blanket of dirty brown smog so thick we couldn’t even see the tops of the faceless

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An action-packed first overland run through China

I’d been to Hong Kong & Macau the year before, but when we arrived in Beijing at the end of our Trans-Siberian journey, it was my first time in mainland China (and for my two companions too). Mike and Ross

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A Beijing Bender

Beijing’s a city I’ve been to a whole bunch of times, including a spell living there for a few months in autumn / winter of 2013, so I’ve come to know the place pretty well and have plenty of memories there.

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The Beijing Teahouse Scam (trolling the trolls)

Introducing the Beijing Teahouse Scam: “So, how about going for tea?” she suggested. “Sounds good,” I replied, “but actually, I think I’d prefer a coffee right now.” “Oh… but, coffee is too strong for us Chinese, we can’t drink it,”

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